We are a group of several cleaning companies in Ghana, West Africa. The Association helps Start-Ups, Already thriving Cleaning Companies, companies into Sales of Cleaning materials and many others. There are numerous benefits in becoming part of this organization since we go the extra mile to help all our members, something that we really take great pride in doing.
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A practical guide to cleaning and disinfecting

Are you an experienced cleaning professional, or a facility manager committed to keeping your building safe and cleaned to the highest standards? The advent of the current pandemic might have challenged your best practices for cleaning and disinfecting. So, this is the course to get you some clarity.

Join this virtual two-hour ISSA course to get a refresher on some of the fundamentals of cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting processes and how they can be applied to mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

The course will cover:
• What is the difference between cleaning, sanitisation, and disinfecting?
• What technologies are currently available for these three cleaning approaches?
• What products could be used for each cleaning approach?
• How to determine what is the most appropriate approach for your facility
• Live Q&A

ISSA /CCAG Members*: free
Non-members: Please contact Diana Tanihu on +233 550395370 or dianatanihu@gmail.com for enquiries.

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